The Happiness Hypothesis
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Beyond the Book

If you've already read the book and you'd like to know more....


I didn't want to make the Happiness Hypothesis a self-help book with lists of specific things you can do to make yourself happier. But I have such a list, and here it is.

Here is some information on how to learn about your strengths and then apply them at work. Or see The Pioneers, a UK firm that is using the rider and elephant to help businesses be more productive.

Here's how to use the book when teaching a psychology class.

See a list of my favorite readings related to each chapter of The Happiness Hypothesis -- the books I would recommend to a wide audience.

Read some of my research articles that were discussed in The Happiness Hypothesis.

Go to my academic home page at New York University.

Learn more about positive psychology


Here are some videos that illustrate some of the principles in the book:

Ch. 7: The Uses of Adversity
--Amy Purdy, at TED, on losing her legs and finding her purpose

Overview of the book's "big ideas": a 10 minute video from PhilosophersNotes, which lists The Happiness Hypothesis as one of the best personal growth books ever.

A 7 minute video from Rachel Preston Prinz, who is losing her sight in her 20s, and learned how to savor experience (she talks about ch. 5 on happiness and savoring)




See my current book,
The Righteous Mind:


See my first book:
Flourishing: Positive psychology
and the life well lived

(This is an edited volume of academic essays)